Why Weight to Lose That Belly?

As we age, our chances of developing a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis or obesity increase. These conditions can all be associated with weight gain, especially belly fat, and may even be preventable with the proper diet and exercise.

While a good cardio workout is an important component of any exercise program, if you want to lose that stubborn belly fat, you’ll need to reduce your percentage of overall body fat. Adding weights to you workout routine might just be the best way to accomplish this.

Bigger bellies as we age

After the age of 25, your metabolism begins to slow, which often results in an increase in body fat, particularly around the midsection. These age-related metabolism changes can be linked to fluctuating hormone levels, lower caloric needs and a decrease in muscle mass.

In addition to these changes that occur naturally, poor lifestyle choices can also impact your metabolism. Living a sedentary lifestyle and eating too much sugary, processed food are the biggest culprits. The good news is that healthy lifestyle changes can help to reduce the effects of a slowing metabolism.

Trimming the fat

Exercising to combat the effects of aging has become part of many Americans’ daily routines. Unfortunately, that unwanted belly fat gets more and more stubborn as we age.

Of those participating in some form of physical exercise, aerobic exercise is the method often chosen in hopes of burning more calories to reduce fat deposits. While aerobic exercise is certainly beneficial, weight training could be the key to finally shedding those unwanted pounds.

According to Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) research, combining the two activities might just be the best way to reduce age-related fat deposits. Aerobic exercise is beneficial in reducing overall body fat accumulation, and adding weight training to your daily workout routine will build muscle mass, which helps burn more calories and fat, and can lessen gains in belly fat associated with age.

No excuses

While there are plenty of strength-training machines at the gym, you don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership to add weight training to your daily workout routine. Resistance bands are an inexpensive, easily portable alternative that offers a full-body workout. A small set of reasonably priced dumbbells would be another good option. They take up very little space, and could even be stored under your couch or bed.

Don’t sabotage your workout

If you’ve already made the commitment to working out on a daily basis and are now adding weight training into the mix, don’t let poor food choices undo all of your efforts.

Exercise is important to your overall fitness, but healthy food choices may play an even larger roll. Consuming too much sugar, sodium and fat – found in large quantities in most processed foods – will ensure your body holds on to every ounce of body fat, no matter how many calories you burn.

The more whole foods and meals cooked from scratch you consume the better. Whenever possible, choose fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, heart-healthy fish and lean grass-fed proteins.

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