Trick Your Body…With THESE Treats!

These simple tasty TREATS, will TRICK your body into losing weight during the Halloween season!!

1. Dark Chocolate. This Halloween, skip the milk chocolate and instead go for dark chocolate. In addition to it’s antioxidant benefits, it’s been found to also lower blood-pressure. You can still indulge (in moderation) and you body won’t know the difference!

2.  Fruits instead of sweets. Fruits, can satisfy even the biggest sweet cravings. For a healthy and tasty treat, try freezing grapes and then snacking on them instead of candy.

3. Pumpkin Seeds. Once you’re done carving, don’t throw away the seeds. They are tasty and nutritious! Roast the seeds in the oven and lightly salt. Enjoy!

4. Jell-O. Get whatever flavor you prefer. This is a GREAT non-fat, low calorie, way to enjoy the holiday and still be super healthy! Tasty tip: Add fat-free and/or sugar-free whipped cream.

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