Tonsillectomies, Not Just For Kids.

It’s unlikely that tonsillectomy comes to mind when you think of adult surgeries but it’s a procedure that’s more common than you would think. Typically performed on young children, a tonsillectomy is the procedure to remove tonsils that are prone to infection. This article will look more closely at the recovery process for adults after a tonsillectomy. The actual procedure to remove the tonsils is the same in adults and children.

Firstly, I am not going to lie. A tonsillectomy for an adult is far more painful than for a child. It is unknown why this happens as the same procedures are used, but the best guess is that children have a far greater threshold for pain, mainly because they have never experienced as much pain as adults. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of things that you can do to ease the pain a little, and I will cover these a little later on.

Perhaps the key difference between tonsillectomies for adults and children is the recovery time. In children it is far shorter at just under a week, adults on the other hand are going to need to wait at least two weeks to be completely healed. During this time you will be unable to work, and thus if you need to undergo a tonsillectomy you should schedule it when you are not at work i.e. during vacation time. As mentioned before, it is likely you will be in a bit of pain, so if possible, maybe your partner could be there to help you out during the recovery process.

Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do after undergoing an adult tonsillectomy to help relieve the pain somewhat. Perhaps the best is drinking a nice cold drink, make sure it isn’t fizzy. This will help soothe your throat which will make you feel better. If the pain is still unbearable then opt for a mild pain killer like ibuprofen. These have anti-inflammatory effects, and that should help reduce the pain considerably. Make sure you take them according to the instructions on the packet or you can get end up causing severe damage to your stomach. If you’re still experiencing pain then speak with your Doctor.

Remember, there is a chance that you will suffer absolutely no pain during your tonsillectomy, or even after. It may be rare, but there are plenty of adults out there who have recovered from tonsillectomies without feeling any affects of the surgery at all. However, please do not be nervous. It is a rather simple procedure, and the pain isn’t as bad as what living with your infected tonsils would be, so please do not delay going through the procedure. It is absolutely vital if you want to live a healthy life. Remember, there are plenty of things that can help you out if you do suffer from pain. Your doctor will always be there to give you advice and help you through the healing process in any case.

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