The Real Way To Get Abs

If you find yourself obsessed with having a flat stomach adorned with a six-pack and you hopelessly workout without ever achieving said mid-section, then this article is for you. The good news is, there are some novel ways to get that stomach you need in order to get the complete body you want; and you can even have some fun in the process.

The secret to a visibly flat and muscle bound midsection is working your core. There are some specific exercises that you can do to get the job done, and here they are.

Perfecting Your Left and Right Hooks

This will get you that flat, muscular and sexy stomach you want. Incidentally, it will also give you a chance to release any built up tension, since it’s not recommended that you relieve stress by throwing punches at actual people. Concentrate on and tighten your abs in the process. Just engage your muscles as you would if you were preparing to take a punch to the gut. To make sure you see results with this exercise, then follow your trainer’s instructions on form, and make sure you carry the exercise out for the recommended amount of time.


To make sure you are working your core muscles as well as all of the other muscles that get a workout while cycling, then remember to keep your core engaged. Do this by keeping your back straight. Further ensure your core is strengthened by keeping your chest expanded and your shoulders back. This doesn’t mean you have to sit up totally straight and keep your handlebars high, to keep your spine straight and still bend while cycling, just bend at the waist.


Any weight bearing exercise, if done properly, engages your core, so it will be strengthened. With weight lifting, put some extra focus on engaging your core muscles with each rep by inhaling slowly and deeply, and when you exhale, do it quickly, with force, like you’re trying to blow out a huge candle.

Do Pilates

Pilates are intentionally for exercising and strengthening the core muscles. As long as you are doing them correctly, then your core will reap the intended benefits.


You can connect with your core muscles while jogging too by maintaining correct posture: keep your shoulders back, chest open and butt tucked in. A way to practice engaging your core muscles is to walk backwards. You can do this easily on a treadmill because you can hold on to the handrails. Once you have walking backwards down, then practice jogging backwards. Engage your core, and remember what it feels like. Once you’ve got it down on a treadmill, you can practice jogging backwards out doors. After this, properly engaging your core while walking, running or jogging will be a breeze.

The Elliptical

Practice hands free on the elliptical machine, and this natural core strengthening exercise will pack double the punch. Adjust the settings so that you can feel it more in your legs whenever this exercise starts to feel like it’s getting too easy.


Yoga, which can be deceiving by its looks, demands the maximum from whichever muscle group the pose is targeting. Those yoga poses that strengthen the core will do so in no time at all as long as you do them consistently and with the proper from. Some great yoga poses specifically for the core muscles are:

  • The Headstand
  • Warrior Three
  • Dancer Pose

Increase the core-strengthening effects of these poses by properly executing the breathing techniques. This means inhaling through your nose until your stomach is fully extended, then exhale through your mouth bringing your stomach in and up.

So not only will the above exercises work your core rather well, but they are also necessary. You can’t get strong flat abs by doing sit-ups alone. However, with these exercises, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, you could get a satisfying set of lean abs.

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