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Fitness Habits To Feel More Like 20 When You’re 60

Published on May 1, 2015 By

Whether you’re in your twenties yourself or you are raising kids, it’s important to instill good fitness habits at this age as they will greatly improve chances of being healthy and fit later on in life. This sounds logical, but it is also based on research, where early twenty somethings were studied, and the ones who practiced good fitness habits were healthier later on in life. It doesn’t require that you go to the gym seven days a week, it just requires that you create a lifestyle that incorporates a few habits suggested by accredited fitness experts.

Gym Bag Essentials

Published on October 1, 2014 By

At times it is hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym, let alone finding the time to pack a gym bag. Ideally, a gym bag should be a designated bag which is large enough to tote everything you need for a comfortable workout and post workout session.

Gym Time

Published on June 1, 2014 By

How can you get the most of out of your gym experience when the only time you can get there is the busiest time?