Seven Financial Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

Money is a common argument in relationships. With two incomes and only one lifestyle, there are bound to be some disagreements. Here are seven money mistakes that couples should watch out for the keep some financial peace in the household.

1. Keeping Everything Separate

Trying to keep everything financially equal is tough because it requires you to keep tally of each others’ spending. Rather than splitting everything 50/50 it is a better idea to get a joint credit card and split the bill at the end of the month. This will keep you from having to remember who was the last person to pick up paper towels.

2. Over-Spending on a Wedding

While it is easy to get caught up in the big day, the expenses of these events add up quickly. Set realistic goals for your wedding dreams and think about what is really important and what will be remembered in 10 years. Don’t set yourself up to start your marriage in serious debt.

3. Letting Love Trump Common Financial Sense

Don’t throw away the common sense of having a secure income because your heart is telling you to follow someone else’s dreams. Remember that love does not conquer all, so make sure if you are moving cities with your significant other that you have career opportunities available as well.

4. Avoiding Money Talks

No matter how well you communicate with your partner, keep in mind that one of those conversations should certainly be about finances. Sit down to make firm financial goals and budgets. While it seems like these conversations may end in an argument, you are more likely to be at odds without a mutual understanding. Keep your budget updated when your incomes change. Consider when you both want to retire and save accordingly.

5. Not Paying for Help

Spend your money wisely to help cultivate your relationship. If you are spending too much of your free time doing something that you could pay someone else to do while you spend time with your partner, strongly consider hiring help. Research affordable professionals to clean and the benefits of letting go of that strain will far outweigh the price.

6. Not Considering a Prenup

People inevitably change throughout the years and divorce is a common issue. Unfortunately, after divorce, you can no longer rely on your spouse’s income to live. Getting a prenup can protect you from your future selves and the unknown debt that you may accrue as a couple. This will benefit you in the long run if things go south.

7. Not Comparing Health Insurance Plans

Some companies do not charge much to add a spouse to a health insurance plan. Different companies have different benefits in this regard, so review each of your plans to see how you can get the most bang for your health insurance buck.

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