Making Exercise Fun (again!)

Exercise routines, like everything in life, can become a bit too routine. After a while, working out can seem more of a chore than anything, and when this happens, it becomes difficult to muster up the will to get to the gym. But working out doesn’t have to be dull and lifeless. With some fun-boosting steps, you can add some new life to your routine and which will make you want to get in the gym more often.

Wondering what you can do to put a smile on your face when you’re under the barbell or in aerobics class? Wonder no more!

Switch It Up
Burn out occurs in the gym when you do the same thing day in and day out. The most obvious solution is to do new exercises that stretch your abilities. Turn to an exercise pro to learn some new exercise ideas to slip into your repertoire. You can also fun up your routine by walking out of the gym and going to your local playground. Grab a bar for a few pull-ups and then head over to the monkey bars. Go back and forth a couple times and then head to the swing set for some swinging. Do all these exercises with joy and vigor and you will easily reach your target heart rate, all while having a good time.

Exercise…the poor man’s plastic surgery. - Unknown

Grab a Partner
Is there someone in your life who makes everything a little bit more fun? Why aren’t you exercising with him or her? Whether it’s a spouse or significant other, long-time neighbor, coworker, best friend, or priest, working out with someone you enjoy spending time with will make your workouts more fun as well.

Push Yourself
If you’re not making the most of your time in the gym, you’re probably not going to enjoy being there. While forcing yourself get in one more rep may not seem like a blast, it can be extremely gratifying. And for most people, doing a job well translates to fun. So if you want your routine to be more fun, you should work your body as hard as you want it to appear you work it.

Go Mental
Another fun way to improve your exercise is to use your imagination. Sure, you may be surrounded by average Joes and Jos in the gym, but you don’t have to see it that way in your head. Instead, picture a gym full of elite athletes, all working as hard as possible to be the best in the world. Just remember – you’re one of them, so you have to work just as hard – if not harder than – them.

Move It or Lose
Some of the most fun workouts occur when you’re not worried about how many calories you’re burning. Instead, you’re simply playing a game that requires a lot of movement. If you’re not into basketball or tennis, try something that requires you to move or be moved, such as kickboxing, boxing, or mixed martial arts. Each of these sports requires you to be in optimal shape. And if you don’t stay mentally focused and on your toes at all time, you’ll be on your backside in no time. Pretty good incentive to work harder than your opponent.

Game Away
Though video games have traditionally been a detriment to good health, a number of new video game systems and arcade games require players to be on the move. If you have access to these games, use them for a change of pace in your routine, as you dance, jog, and play your way to a better, more fun workout.

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