“Lose your friends, Lose your gut”

Today in one of our boot camp sessions, one of our campers was talking about how much weight she lost over a certain period of time. While she is please with her current results, she is already making new goals for the next 60 days.

Her biggest issue is the fact that her peers are not as supportive towards her new found success in addressing the lifelong challenge with being overweight as she would like them to be.

Does this ever happen to you? Do your family, friends, or co-workers seem to be sabotaging your efforts towards getting fit?

Do they “Hate” on you?

Well, we have the solution for you. It is actually a very simple concept…

“Lose your friends, Lose your gut”.

As you strive to reach your health/fitness goals, I recommend that you assess the mindset of those that you interact with on a daily basis. If these individuals are not on the “same page” as you are when it comes to getting/staying healthy and fit, I suggest that you Lose the friends.

I know it sounds harsh, but it is hard enough trying to fight the “battle of the bulge” on our own…it doesn’t make any sense to allow others to negatively influence what you are working to hard to accomplish. Surrounding yourself with “like-minded” individuals who have a positive outlook and are supportive towards your battle, because they are fighting the same battle on their own is one sure way to guarantee that you Lose the Gut.

Being healthy and fit is a 24/7 “job”…and I don’t know about you but we take pride in what we do and we would not let someone else make our job harder than it already is.
So, when your are looking for new friends that will help you accomplish your goals faster and make your “job” alot easier, come on out to one of our boot camp sessions and allow us to introduce you to some of our friends

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