How Essential Oils Can Benefit You

An essential oil is a highly concentrated liquid that is distilled from a plant. These are generally used for medical purposes, but their benefits carry over to emotional, cosmetic, and spiritual enhancement. The essence is distilled from different parts of the plant, including the leaves, roots, flowers, stem, or other plant elements.

Essential oils are extracted from plants using either distillation or cold pressing. This method of healing has been used for centuries, as in the 1600s and 1700s, physicians used scents to treat ailments. While traditional medicine eventually replaced the use of essential oils, they are now showing to be beneficial again.

Essential oils are not an oil at all, as they lack fatty acids. They are typically a clear, concentrated liquid. One must only use a little bit to get receive benefits. There are many uses for essential oils, but the most popular uses are stress and pain relief, nausea, and improvement in mood, sleep, memory, and energy.

Anxiety is a common problem people are looking to solve. Essential oils brings together the healing parts of the body to work in unity to create relief. After several trials, it has been shown that the use of sweet orange oil in aromatherapy has been effective to combat the symptoms of anxiety. When it comes to nausea, popular aromatherapy blends are the same as what is commonly suggested for consumption. This includes peppermint, ginger, and spearmint.

Essential oils are commonly used for emotional stability. They work in the brain’s limbic system, which controls temper and mood. Because aromatherapy is thought to bind to chemicals in the body, the reaction that occurs between the oils and the body’s natural chemistry can be therapeutic. Using essential oils directly on the skin can also have positive effects such an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, but it must be done under instruction or supervision, as these liquids are highly concentrated.

Furthermore, essential oils contain three types of medicinal organic compounds: phenylpropanoids, an antibacterial, monoterpenes, which helps to replenish cells, and sesquiterpenes, which delivers oxygen to the body’s tissues. These medical benefits of aromatherapy are in line with modern medicine products that are on the market today.

Due to their positive effects on the limbic system, aromatherapy has been said to help the symptoms of autism, ADHD, and depression. Many report success while using essential oils at bedtime or throughout the day in between activities. Some common oils used for emotional and behavioral issues are orange essence, frankincense, and an Indian grass called vetiver.

Essential oils can be diluted in water and then sprayed on the skin or shirt collar for the best results. They can also be inhaled through steam or dropped into a bath. Another common use is to add essential oils to an unscented lotion so it can be worn in specific places on the body.

We all know how powerful the sense of scent is. The benefits of essential oils go far beyond a pleasant scent, however, and encourage healing in the mind, body, and spirit.

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