Gym Bag Essentials

At times it is hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym, let alone finding the time to pack a gym bag. Ideally, a gym bag should be a designated bag which is large enough to tote everything you need for a comfortable workout and post workout session.It should be lightweight, sturdy, washable and durable.

To make a trip to the gym a cinch, here’s what your gym bag should ideally carry:

  • A Water Bottle. You need to be hydrated to work out properly.
  • Towels. Nobody likes that person who doesn’t wipe down a machine after them.
  • Heart Rate Monitor. To make sure you’re in the fat burning zone, or the cardio zone.
  • A change of clothes for post workout.
  • Toiletries for showering and freshening up after your workout.
  • Running Shoes.
  • Laundry Bag. Keeps your gym clothes separate and prevents your gym bag from getting stinky.
  • Flip Flops. Quick slip on shoes for walking around in the locker room and shower. Prevent the spread of athlete’s foot.
  • Fuel. Something to give you more energy. Banana, granola bar, etc.
  • Deodorant to help keep you smelling fresh.
  • MP3 Player or iPod. Keep you entertained and keep your energy level up by working out to some of your favorite tunes.
  • Magazines or reading material.
  • Brush, Comb and hair accessories.
  • A Workout Journal. Essential if you want to keep track for weight loss and getting fit.

If your gym bag has multiple compartments, you can use these to store your items securely. Inside zipped compartments are also a great place to store your gym membership card and locker key, along with your regular essentials such as a cell phone, car keys, and credit cards.

Because a gym bag has a tendency to get dirty and smelly, it’s important that your designated bag be washable. You can also invest in odor repellent shoe sachets, or create your own by tying up baking soda in a piece of muslin cloth. Have your bag ready so all you have to do is grab it and go. Eliminate any excuse to keep you away from your workout.

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