Grocery Shopping Tour (Information Pack)

So we have such a great time at all of our Finally Fit Boot Camp “Grocery Shopping Tours” that I decided to share the experience with you and also… as promised, here are all the handouts from the . Just click in the links below the pictures!

"So many people we cant even fit in the isle"

"There is alot more than just water in this it sparingly"

"Alot of good information here... let me write it down"

"Avoid dried fruits, they are easy to eat and jam packed with sugars"

"Stay away from the thick and creamy dressings...the lighter in texture, the better!"

And here are all the hand outs from the event….

FFBC Grocery Shopping Cheat Sheet

How to Read a Nutrition Label

Buy This, Not That: Organic Produce Guide

Sugar Content in Fruits (Rankings)

 And as usual, if you have any questions about these feel free to send me contact me at or 301-541-3808 (call or text).

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