Got Thanksgiving bloating?

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Hopefully you didn’t over do it too much?

If you did, don’t worry … one day isn’t going to break you..however the thing that most people
do is .. they continue their feast for the next five days and that’s when they get into trouble and

actually start packing on some holiday pounds. Here are a couple things that you can do today
to help you get rid of the temporary bloating from Thanksgiving.

1. Drink plenty of water! Extra water will help flush the body and help with any water retention
going on from eating rich food.

2. Go exercise! Exercising is going to help jump start your metabolism after being smothered
in gravy sauce. Go sweat it out!

3. Low sodium! Stick to low sodium foods today. Avoid sauces and gravy’s. If you are eating left overs
skip the heavy casseroles dishes and stick to some lean turkey and veggies.

Also, If there is one thing you can count on this time of year it is the fact that every holiday party you attend will
serve alcohol–rum in the eggnog, champagne in the punch or wine with dinner.

While alcohol is great for promoting holiday cheer, did you know that alcoholic beverages are packed with
empty calories? Be sure to limit your intake of alcoholic beverages just as closely as you limit your intake of
Holiday cookies–your waistline will thank you for it!

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