Deflate That Spare Tire

Six pack abs are on most people’s wish list. The media has placed a huge emphasis on having a washboard stomach or six pack abs for both males and females but is this a goal that the average person should aspire to? What are the overall benefits from having six pack abs. A flat stomach can be an indicator of good health but focusing on one area to judge how health someone is can be a huge mistake.When we carry weight around our abdomen it does put strain on our internal organs and can be a sign of stress or other health problems. Getting rid of your spare tire or muffin top should be a top priority in your health regime but before you start a program to deflate your spare tire read these common ab myths.

Myth alert!

  • Six pack Myth 1: Abdominal muscle is different from regular muscle.

    Muscle is muscle. Abdominal muscle is the same as our biceps and lats. The only difference is the location. Abdominal muscles are not resting on a bony surface, instead they are against the stomach and intestines. There is no other significant difference whatsoever.

  • Six pack Myth 2: Strong abs means a strong back.

    The key to a strong back is a balanced abdominal wall. You can work your abs, but no more and no less than you work your other muscles throughout the day. People put too much emphasis on working their abs, this heavy emphasis is often misunderstood. Infomercials give the false belief that by working out just one part of your body is all the exercise you need to be healthy.

    Working out and exercise should not just be concerned with one part of the body. What you need is an overall body fitness to be healthy. The best programs include strength, endurance, agility and flexibility.

  • Six Pack Myth 3: You have to train your abs at least every other day.

    They say that you need to train your abs hard enough twice a week and then rest to give them time for recovery. The key is to choose exercises that fatigue your abs, so that they actually need recovery time. Include exercises that use the ab’s functionality. Since abs are used to stabilize the body, holding a push up position without letting your body sag will really help develop your abdominal muscles.

  • Six Pack Myth 4: To gain results, high repetitions are required.

    If your aim is abdominal endurance, then the more crunches you do each time, the more you can do later on but this exercise does not strengthen the abs much and it eats up a lot of your workout time.

  • Six Pack Myth 5: Hard rock abs can be attained by doing a lot of sit-ups.

    Many doctors say that sit-ups and crunches should never be done. A common mistake done during crunches, is throwing the neck out. Crunches and sit-ups cause the abdominal muscles to be pulled too tight, this excessive pulling put stress on the neck. The overuse of crunch type exercises may even lead to the reduction of thoracic extension and contributes to bad posture.

  • Six Pack Myth 6: It takes years to get great abs.

    Everyone has abdominal muscles, you just need to train them and reduce the fat surrounding them. If you just want strong abs then exercise is enough. However, if you actually want to see a six pack then you can only achieve this through diet. For some, it would take a few weeks. For other it may be longer. Different body type develop at different rates.

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