What A Man Needs to Have in His Closet

Are you a fashionable man? Is your closet stocked with the appropriate wear, ready for any occasion?

Well, let’s see. Having lots of clothes doesn’t mean you have the right clothes. Sure, you have a favorite pair of shoes or a coat given as a gift that will be with you forever. The question is have you accumulated the essentials, wardrobe that ensures no matter what happens, you’re ready to press, dress and go.


We’re sure you’re savvy enough to know the white shirt is a necessity, but we’re going to say it anyway. For less formal occasions or to attend a meeting at the office, have a pale blue dress suit. You also want a casual button-up or two. For a classy and casual look, grab some polos.


We don’t care if you have an army of suits, you need one navy, one charcoal and perhaps a black suit. These three colors will take you anywhere. We envy anyone that has a library of suits, but if you don’t have these, what’s the point?


Cashmere feels great to the touch. They’re an outstanding look with your shirts and suits. If cashmere’s out of your reach, try cotton-cashmere. Keep at least two, one dark, one light, or one in a neutral color.


There’s nothing better to put over a suit or sweater than a wool top coat. Go with a color like navy that can be worn with anything.

If it’s too warm for wool or camel, get out the trench, especially when it’s raining. Get a slimming look, making sure it’s big enough so that layers don’t create a bulky finish.

Brown Shoes

Keep as many shoes as your budget allows, but a pair of brown dress shoes will work with most of your attire and glide easily into any occasion.


It’s not hard to have a collection of belts. Always match the belt with shoes. Save the cowboy buckles for the bar. Get a nice set of simple leather pieces for business and formal wear.


People are relying on personal devices to keep track of time, but a good watch never goes out of fashion. It can complete an outfit and accent your level of sophistication.

Navy Blazer

A navy blazer is classy and works with anything from jeans to pressed slacks. Trust when we say once you start, you’ll wear it more than you might imagine.


If the occasion falls between formal and casual, chinos will do, especially if you have your polo, button-up or navy blazer.

Dark Jeans

No one shouldn’t have a pair of jeans. Dress them up or down. You can certainly have other colors, but you want black or dark blue.

White T-shirts

You have to have them. Use them casually or throw them on for a quick run to the store and still look good.

Casual Boots

They’re perfect for finishing off a casual look and can be used for events that fall between sneakers and dress shoes.


Give the shoes a rest. A pair of relaxing sneakers are becoming acceptable under certain formal conditions.

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Change Your Sedentary Habits

The body is not designed to be sedentary, so sitting all day is harmful to your health. Your body is made to move and it expects to do so, therefore in order to improve your health and keep your body happy, you should sit less and keep your body moving more. Studies have shown that sitting leads to many causes of death and reducing sitting time can help you live a longer and more healthy life.

The Benefits of Minor Reductions in Sitting

If you are used to sitting all day, reducing that time to under three hours per day may seem daunting. Small changes, however, are still beneficial. Reducing sitting time by half can result in an over 2% decline in disease. Even smaller reductions as little as 10% can have a healthy impact on your body.

Australia’s Sedentary Behavior Guidelines

Exercising for a short period of time in the morning does not outweigh sitting for the rest of the day. A short amount of exercise is not enough movement to counteract the damage of sitting all day.

Australia has become a pioneer in adopting both a physical activity guideline, and a sedentary behavior guideline. These guidelines advise minimizing sitting overall, and breaking up periods of sitting as much as possible.

Countries such as Colombia are also trying to get people to move more. Colombia’s government computers pause automatically to encourage employees to take active breaks.

Along with premature death, sitting is related to cardiovascular disease mortality, cancer, and diabetes.

Target Sitting Time

The first step towards changing the habit of being sedentary is acknowledging the problem. Monitor sitting time and make a conscious effort to break it up and reduce it.

The most effective techniques in reducing sitting time included having access to a sit-stand desk, tracking your sitting time, setting goals of number of steps taken throughout the day, set a timer to remind you to get up, and educate others about the benefits of standing and walking.

Using a Sit-Stand Desk

Sit-stand desks can reduce weekly sitting time by eight hours and sedentary time by over 3 hours. Additionally, employees like having the option of sitting or standing. It helps to increase energy throughout the day, keeping employees’ blood flowing and muscles engaged.

Less Sitting and More Moving

Switching from sitting to standing isn’t necessarily the answer to the problem, because it is still keeping the body in a sedentary position. Too much standing can also lead to health risks such as back pain and heart disease. The answer lies more in movement. Start by standing instead of sitting whenever possible, and come up with ways to move while you are standing. For example, pace your office while you are on the phone, walk around the office while talking to colleagues, and park far away from the office so you can have a bit of a walk in. People typically walk under 4,000 steps each day, when it should be closer to 10,000 steps.

Remain Balanced

Having the proper mix of sitting, standing, and moving each day will help you obtain optimal health. Using a pedometer can help you track and monitor your daily steps and make sure you reach your goals.

Keep in mine that small changes to your day can add up to more time moving and less time sitting. Walk while on the phone, stand while watching television, and walk and talk instead of calling or texting.

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Ten Healthy Changes to Make Today

People face an alarming number of unhealthy variables every day. These items pose a health risk, especially when accumulated throughout time. With the use of extensive chemicals in products and ever-evolving electronics, there are a lot of everyday items that may hurt your body and are best to be avoided. Here are ten items that should be put aside for better health.

Artificial Sweeteners

The human body is not designed to know the difference between artificial sweeteners and real sugar. Artificial sweeteners therefore trick your body, which causes the storage of fat and a higher risk of diabetes.

Artificial sweeteners are found in more and more foods in addition to diet sodas, as the pressure to be thin rises. Aside from promoting weight gain and worsening insulin sensitivity, artificial sweeteners can also lead to heart attacks, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Plastic Food Containers and Bottles

Plastic products contain BPA, which is an endocrine-disrupting chemical. The endocrine system is vital in several bodily functions, such as regulating mood, tissue function, growth and development, metabolism, and reproductive processes. Using glass bottles and food containers is a much safer way to avoid BPA and keep your endocrine system healthy.

Non-Stick Cookware

Non-stick pots and pans should be replaced with ceramic or glass. The chemical called PFOA is used to coat non-stick pans, which is a known carcinogen. When PFOA is heated, it released flouride that poses a great health risk.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners contain several chemicals which have been linked to health problems such as precocious puberty and cancer. Air fresheners can also disrupt the endocrine system with their presence of phthalates.

It is better to deal with foul odors naturally by opening windows and doors to improve the air flow within the area. High-quality essential oils are another great alternative that will not pose health risks.

Antibacterial Soaps and Detergents

Disinfecting the body regularly can promote the development of harmful bacteria by killing the good bacteria, allowing others to grow. Antibacterial compounds have also been linked to harmful health effects such as hormone alteration and fetal development. Using a mild soap with Warm water on a regular basis is enough to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Commercial Cleaning Products

It is also a good idea to get rid of cleaning products that use hazardous chemicals and replace them with a natural mix of 3% hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. This is a safer way to kill germs.

Personal Care Products

Chemicals are easily absorbed through skin. This is especially true for women wearing makeup on a regular basis. Makeup contains many harmful metals that can be absorbed in the skin. Switch to organic products to avoid these harmful chemicals.

Stale Spices

While stale spices are not flavorful or beneficial to a meal, they also pose health risks. Switching to fresh herbs and spices is a great way to incorporate anti-oxidants into your diet.

Electronic Devices

There is evidence of long-term harm caused by the wireless radiation of today’s technologies. Reducing exposure to technology and keeping it off of your body when not in use can reduce your risk of cancer.

Your Chair

Human bodies were not designed to sit all day. While your office chair may be comfortable, it is also keeping you from getting up and moving around. Rather than being sedentary in a chair all day, get up and walk around every thirty minutes to get your blood flowing and burn a few calories. This can also help to refresh your brain.

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Sitting Longer Than Three Hours Can Reduce Your Lifespan

There has been a lot of talk lately about how detrimental sitting can be for your health. The human body was designed to move in order to stay healthy. It can be hard to believe that by simply sitting, you are shaving years off of your lifespan and setting yourself up for health problems later in life, but researchers are stressing how sitting is literally killing you. The solution? Simply get up and move.

A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that sitting for extended periods (more than 3 hours per day) is the root cause of roughly 3.8 percent of general deaths in all of the countries that were surveyed.

Members of the World Health Organization have stated that inactivity can cause numerous health issues, and is the fourth leading cause of premature death worldwide, and are encouraging people to become more physically active.

A slight reduction in sitting time can do wonders

For individuals who work office jobs and spend the majority of their day sitting, reducing this time to less than 3 hours a day may seem like a daunting task. By starting in small increments, you can help your body adjust slowly to a reduction in sitting time. Even a 50% reduction in the time spent in a chair can cause a 2.3 percent decline in general death rates, according to researchers.

Does exercise help?

Even if you were to perform the minimum recommendation of 30 minutes or physical activity per day, you could still not counteract the negative effects extensive sitting has on the body. Physical activity should be performed throughout the day in order to negate the effects of sitting. This doesn’t mean you need to perform an entire workout. Simply walking in place or around the room for a few minutes every hour or so is sufficient.

Various countries are warning their inhabitants of the effects of extensive sitting; however, Colombia is taking the lead by implementing sedentary behavior guidelines by teaching individuals to not only minimize the amount of time in which they sit, but also programming government computers to periodically pause in order to stimulate the users to get up and move.

How can you get moving?

It is recommended that for general good health, an individual should take 10,000 steps per day. This can be quite challenging as most people only take 3,000 to 4,000. Experts suggest purchasing and using a pedometer to help you keep track of how many steps you take on a daily basis.

In a working environment, speaking to your supervisor about the possible use of a standing desk can also help. Research conducted by Dr James Levine showed that by using sit-stand desks, his colleagues reduced their time in a chair by 8 hours per 40-hour workweek.

Taking walks around your office building at lunchtime, or walking in place while talking on the phone can help break up the time spent in a sitting position.

Getting active doesn’t have to be a major life overhaul. By implementing small steps over a period of time, you can reach the recommended 10,000 step mark and help increase your lifespan in no time.

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Beets or Spinach: Which One is the Best for Gaining Strength?

If you’re one of those individuals who is considered a ’90-pound weakling’ who just can’t seem to keep up with everyone else in the gym no matter how hard you try, a group of researchers may have just discovered a simple solution that can be found in the garden: beets.

In a study conducted at the Washington School of Medicine, beet juice was shown to enhance endurance and overall exercise performance. In the study, heart failure victims who were experiencing a decrease in skeletal muscle strength were given 140 milliliters (two-thirds of a cup) of beet juice and then subjected to a series of tests. The tests found an almost instant and significant increase in the participants’ muscle capacity of roughly 13 percent. It was determined that this was the equivalent of performing resistance training for several months.

Are beets better than spinach?

Spinach has long been touted as the perfect food for athletes as it contains high levels of iron; however, research is suggesting that beets are more beneficial for cardiovascular endurance by helping the blood vessels to relax when an individual is resting.

In a related study, the test subjects were physically fit college athletes who suffered from no health impairments. Each of the subjects demonstrated a significant improvement in both stamina and endurance within 2 hours of drinking the same amount of beet juice as referenced in the previous study.

What makes beets so special?

Researcher have determined that the high levels of nitric oxide found in beets are responsible for their cardiovascular-boosting properties. Although this alone is enough to add more of them into your diet, there is an extensive list of various other health benefits this vegetable has to offer.

This amazing vegetable helps to fight inflammation, detoxify the body, lowers blood pressure, and even boosts the immune system due to its high levels of vitamin C. Beets have also been shown to help combat various types of cancer.

Beets contain high levels of folate, which has been shown to lower the risk of stroke. Their ample amounts of nitric oxide plays an important role in lowering high blood pressure and preventing heart disease. This versatile vegetable contains high concentrations of fiber, and is also a good source of potassium, manganese, copper, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

The vitamin K content located in the green leafy parts of beets helps to slow aging, possibly fight Alzheimer’s disease, and even boost bone strength.

How to get more beets into your diet

Although many people may not think of beets as the most tasty of vegetables, they are versatile enough to be prepared in many ways. The most well-known way of eating beets is buying them pickled in a can; however, researchers suggest using only fresh, organic beets for the best results.

The bulbous parts of the beet can be roasted, baked or even boiled, then mashed. The greens are quite delicious when sauteed with a bit of olive oil and garlic.

By adding more beets to your diet, you can not only enjoy increased cardiovascular endurance and stamina, but also improved overall health.

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