Change your mind set!

Hope you are doing well and are enjoying the tips and ideas we have been giving you, like last week’s topic on surrounding yourself with people who have a similar mindsets when it comes to health and fitness.

Below, is one of the most important tips on how to stay motivated and focused on accomplishing any goal you might have….especially your fitness goals. It is based on harnessing your internal Positive Power. It is extremely important this time of the year to use Positive Power to keep you on track towards your fitness goals because the season of “deck-your-waist-with-extra-pounds” is here

In fact, the average American gains 5-10 lbs between November and January, and will spend the next year on yo-yo diets and trendy fitness regiments trying to lose that weight. For those who only gain a couple of pounds during the holiday season, research has also showed that these individuals never lose those pounds. They slowly gain 1-2 lbs a year and in 15 years they are 30lbs overweight.
Sound familiar? Which one of these scenarios are you?

An easy way to fight the battle of the bulge is through harnessing and implementing Positive Power in all aspects of your life.
The first step to activiating your “Positive Power” is switch from a position of CAN’T to one of CAN.

Most diet and weight loss plans begin by outlining everything that you can’t eat. You can’t enjoy the buffet at your office holiday party. You can’t have a piece of grandma’s famous fudge cake. You can’t partake in the seasonal coffee drinks.

Can’t have this, Can’t do that…when you set goals based on can’t, you have already programed your mind to operate with Negative Power. It shouldn’t be surprising that after only a few days of this type of thinking, your diet fails and the inner rebel in you will explode and you will binge on all of the things you said “can’t” to.
When you start look at eating healthy and exercising regularly from a position of the healthy foods you like that you can eat and exciting workouts that you can do on a regular basis… you will find that you can actually stick to you plan easier and longer, and eventually see some life changing results that motivate you to continue on.

When you start from a position of CAN’T you forefeit all of your POWER, but approaching life with a CAN mindset empowers you to accomplish any goal that you set.

This is actually a simple thing you can start doing today, and I am sure you will see benefits of “Positive Power” immediately.

Enjoy you day!

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