Revealed The Secrets to Making 2012 “Your Best Body” Year

Your Best Body 2012: New Year Revolution System

1)    The 16-page Your Best Body (YBB) Manual  

Jam-packed with healthy recipes, fitness tips, motivational practices, at-home and gym workouts all designed to guide you step by step through the process of setting goals and mapping out a game plan to achieve those goals.

       DOWNLOAD:  Your Best Body 2012: New Year Revolution

2)    The Accountability Bubble Support (ABS) System

A never-before-seen system of creating an impenetrable “bubble” of accountability and support around you; by using scientifically supported behavior modification practices developed by some of the top experts in psychology, human behavior, and exercise. Basically, we are going to finally solve all of the external sabotaging influences you have around you…your friends, family, and co-workers. I have designed a way to actually include these important people in your personal revolution and in-turn guarantee your success as well as maybe even inspiring them to start their own revolution.

3)    The Fully Automated “VitaBot” Nutritional Design Program

Another one-of-a kind tool that I have spent for the last 12 months researching for a solution to the question…”Daniel, exactly, what should I be eating?”It was designed using NASA robotics and computer science concepts (yeah, Rocket Science) AND has been given a Congressional Seal of Approval by Democratic Whip, Steny Hoyer. I can’t even describe it with words so check out the demo video.

WATCH:   Click HERE to watch the FFBC Vitabot Demo Video

4)    52-Week Healthy Living Nutritional Academy

With the help of my current clients here at Finally Fit Boot Camp, I have designed a 12-month course that is aimed at providing an interactive, educational environment for all to grow together and develop a greater understanding of all the aspects of the American adult’s relationship with food.

5)    Unlimited Access to Finally Fit Boot Camp

Click HERE  to find out more about our 7 Day a Week Fat Blasting Workouts.


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