2009 TL Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD)

Giving A New Meaning To SafetySuper Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD).
Precision-tuned and optimized for the new Acura TL, the available SH-AWD system is the difference between taking turns and cutting them. It’s where control instantly becomes confidence. It helps you gain more traction when the weather is less than perfect and it encourages you to carve absolutely perfect corners in every other condition.

During straight-line acceleration
The SH-AWD system offers dramatically enhanced traction, control and vehicle acceleration in all kinds of conditions. Accelerate, and the system directs increased torque to the rear wheels to deliver full power to the ground.

During Moderate Cornering
SH-AWD delivers a remarkably neutral steering feel as the rear wheels help generate cornering power. Electronic sensors monitor the speed and tightness of turns and automatically vary the amount of rear wheel torque up to 60%, resulting in enhanced stability and control.

During acceleration through a corner
here the advanced SH-AWD technology stands alone. The outside cornering wheel gets up to 100% of the rear wheel torque and is accelerated to rotate faster than the inside cornering wheel, providing greater turning force and an incredibly stable corner line.

During Straight-Line Cruising
SH-AWD’s sophisticated electronic controls automatically monitor road conditions and alternate torque from front to rear, as well as splitting rear wheel torque from left to right. The end result is a continuously smooth, confident ride in poor weather or on less-thanperfect road conditions.

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